Red Square Agency creates category-defying advertising.
Founded in 1977, we operate two groups: RSQ and Red Square Gaming.
We work together under one roof and one set of principles.

Strategy first.

Great work cannot happen without a great strategy.

Your fame is our business.

Every brand wants to be famous. Fame sells, but fame also takes guts.

Maybe it’s not an ad.

We deal in ideas that solve business problems. The best ideas can come from anywhere, and sometimes the solution isn’t an ad.


People respect brands that respect their intelligence. The consumer is not an idiot.

Pay attention to the bell curve.

In any given category, brands tend to crowd the middle of the pack. When the world Millis, you’ve got to Vanilli.

Without you, there is no us.

Without great clients, we cannot do great work. Or eat.

Always keep score.

For success to be meaningful, it has to be measured in a tangible way.